Finally, a Reason to Vote for Bill Richardson

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's campaign, desperate to cash in on the Endless Cummer sensation, hired as their eastern Nevada field director one Kristian Forland, writer of bad checks and former brothel manager. They claimed to not know any of this, and they "accepted his resignation today," but Mr. Forland was shorting poor working girls on their pay just one year ago, according to a June '06 police report. Overall, Forland seems like just the sort of character who'd be perfect for any Democrat looking to impress Nevada primary voters.

* Forland faces four counts of writing bad checks.

* And now he's wanted by Los Angeles County authorities.

* Because he failed to appear in court back in 1999.

* Before the Richardson campaign hired him this month, Forland was vice chairman of the Elko County Democratic Party.

* Forland claims he just worked for an investment company that ran the brothel, that he never handled cash (clearly!), and that he "didn't deal with the girls per se."

* He was listed as the "resident agent and office for Mona's Ranch LLC" until last October!

* Richardson spokesman Josh McNeil said the campaign hired Forland because "nobody understands rural Nevada better than rural Nevadans."

* Presumably they're now looking to hire someone who doesn't know any rural Nevadans, as they're all gun-toting whoremongers who write bad checks.

Richardson Aide Worked for Brothel [Free New Mexican]


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