Finally, It's Gore's Time to Shine

alhip.jpgThe Nation says Al Gore's new cable channel, Current, probably won't change the world, but so what? Like we said a couple weeks ago, Gore already changed the world once, when he invented the Internet. And, yes, we know that Al never actually said he "invented the Internet." But we think he was just being modest. And now that he's getting a Lifetime Achievement from the Webbys "in recognition of his pivotal role in the Internet over the last three decades," that pretty much seals the deal for us. (Of course, we also suspect that Pauly Shore solved the Year 2000 problem, so please take our theories with a grain of salt.) In any case, we're happy for Al and we like his new look too. Except for the earrings. They're a little thuggy for a grandfather.

Al Gore Wins a Webby [MarketWatch]

Al Gore Gets Down [The Nation]


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