Finally, Ted Nugent Weighs In On the Giffords Shooting


  • Someone finally thought to replace communion wafers with Doritos, for advertising. The pope finds it very declassé, but surely some bumpkin snake-dancing sect of bimbos will adopt this nu-communion. [Zagat]
  • Ted Nugent op-ed: Don't try to understand evil with "psychology" -- just be ready to eff it in the aye! [Washington Times]
  • Once again, the gotcha media are using their word-Glocks to engage in the TARGETED POLITICAL ASSASSINATION of Sarah Palin's newest YouTube. [AtlasShrugs]
  • The left has finally jumped the shark! In keeping with tradition, the Democrats will linger on for three more seasons, introduce a new baby character (Bizarro Trig?), and Barack Obama will try to convince himself he didn't kill a baby while getting airlifted out of Korea. [Big Government]
  • Sarah Palin's Alaska has the best ending ever. Way better than M*A*S*H, for sure. [Big Hollywood]

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