Finally, the World Will Know Who Michael Scanlon Is Wearing

michaelscanlon.jpgEarly this morning, someone forwarded us an email from a reporter for a national magazine looking for people who went to high school with convicted felon/disgraced former lobbyist/DeLay flack Michael Scanlon. Nothing too unusual about that, really. Though Scanlon's been largely out of the public eye since his guilty plea, he's still a newsworthy figure, and one who doesn't get the same attention as his flashier former co-conspirator Jack Abramoff.

But then we saw that the reporter was from Details. Yeah, Details.

Which we really should have seen coming. I mean, look at him -- young, well-groomed, dislikes conservative Christians, quick to turn on his former partners like a -- dare we say it? -- jilted lover... all we're asking is, can anyone confirm the gender of Scanlon's manicurist?

Or is the fact that he has a manicurist proof enough?

Details []

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