Financial Regulation To Pass ... Now?  Now?  How About Now?

  • Financial regulation was dead yesterday, but today it is alive again, just like Jesus! And speaking of things or people who are like Jesus, we have Scott Brown to thank for this turn of events. All Barney Frank and his fellow Sadducees had to do to win the love of Brown and the New England RINO ladies was take out the tax on big banks and hedge funds, raise the FDIC's reserve ratio, and end TARP early. Those sound like incredibly minor details that can be just added in last-minute negotiations, surely. [NYT]
  • True to their nature, the Democrats are desperately trying to give your hard-earned tax dollars away to people who aren't even working (the technical term is "unemployed"). [WP]
  • Pharaonic zombie Larry King is retiring so that he can spend "more time on other things" (i.e., ruling over the millions of terrified inhabitants of his river-kingdom with a brutal hand). [LAT]
  • Hurricane season is here, with Alex bearing down on the US-Mexico border around Brownsville! Could a strong border keep this Gulf of Mexico-born storm out of our nation? Also, the storm is disrupting BP cleanup efforts, just like every other event that happens in the universe. [MSNBC]

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