Fine, We'll Take It: Herman Cain Is Your First GOP Presidential Candidate

Fine, We'll Take It: Herman Cain Is Your First GOP Presidential Candidate

Yesterday, Dave Weigel noted that, while no candidates have jumped in the current presidential race thus far, at this time last cycle, 14 candidates were already in the race. "By contrast, in this election cycle, not even dark horse candidates like Herman Cain or John Bolton have announced anything yet." Well, here they come: This Herman Cain guy has now announced the formation of his exploratory committee. Who is he? Some sort of Teabag figure/talk radio host from Georgia. But more importantly: a black guy who can stand on stage with the other candidates maybe! What does Cain say about being a longshot? "I wasn't supposed to be able to become a vice president of Pillsbury." Inspiring.

And also: affirmative action? We hope not!

In 2004, Cain ran for U.S. Senate in Georgia, coming in second place to then-Congressman Johnny Isakson in the Republican primary (many believe that had Cain forced a runoff, he would have defeated Isakson in a head-to-head match-up). During the campaign, Cain was criticized for having previously donated money to former Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, a Democrat.

Uh oh! Still, he's a black guy who almost beat a white guy named Johnny for a Republican nomination in Georgia. That is worth something. Like three or four Max Cleland coward limbs.

As we noted in July, somebody called this guy “Michael Steele without the baggage.” Because without the problems he's caused, Michael Steele is nothing but a heap of black skin to some in the Republican Party. And he provides a great black-guy booming voice for Teabagger A/V presentations.

Anything else you would like to add, exploratory committee website?

President Ronald Reagan once said:

Okay, that's enough. [Weigel/Politics Daily/Herman Cain]


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