Black folks have been enslaved, discriminated against, forced to use separate water fountains, and so many other things over the course of American history, but whew, that's all over, so there are some white people who would like to get to the REAL racial issue of our day, which is why can't white people say the word "nigger"? UNFAIR! Tom Burlington was a news anchor for WTXF, the Fox affiliate in Philadelphia, and he lost his job, and a subsequent lawsuit, over his one-man campaign to make it so he could say the N-word, like the blacks do:

Tom Burlington's lawyer had argued Monday that a double standard applied that cost Burlington his career after he used the N-word in a news meeting about a story on the NAACP's ceremonial "burial" of the word.

"Does that mean we can finally say the word 'N-----?'" Burlington asked in the WXTF-TV planning meeting in June 2007, according to testimony.

"Finally," at long last! Like his entire life he'd been leading up to that moment, where he got to say "nigger" in front of a black person. He's NOT being racist, this is about equality, haven't we been through this before?

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The jury was all white, and even they said they didn't think Burlington lost his job because he was white, which means they must be super reverse-reverse racists, against their own kind. Clearly, none of this would have happened if Burlington had been a black guy. His lawyer, Laura Carlin Mattiacci, asked in court, "If Mr. Burlington were black, is this going to happen?" Of course not, because the system is totally rigged against white men like Burlington!

Because check THIS. There was another former anchor, A BLACK GUY, named David Huddleston, and he said it too, he should also get in trouble! According to reports, Huddleston said the N-word in a news meeting and instead of people getting all mad, they just laughed. Why's it funny when the black dude says it, huh?

Oh, well, the jury bought the station's story, that Burlington wasn't just fired for this one time he said one bad word, and he wasn't fired for being white, but because this was part of a pattern:

WTXF general manager Mike Renda testified that the network's decision to fire Burlington did not stem from this particular incident alone.

"It was the continual insensitivity that Tom showed," Renda said, according to the AP, alleging that Burlington continued to use the word several more times, including in his apology to his black colleagues. "He continued not to get it," he added.

AH, there we go. Perhaps it's different when a white person -- the historical oppressor -- says the word, versus when black people choose to use the word that's been used to oppress them. Huh!

And really, how DID those apologies to his black colleagues go? Did he say something like "I am very sorry that I said 'nigger,' a word which offends people who are black, who SOME PEOPLE call 'niggers.' I promise to never say 'nigger' again, after this one last time. Nigger." We're sure Burlington was very sorry his colleagues took his apology wrong.

Hey asshole white people, gonna stop being silly for a second, and close by asking this question, which we always ask of asshole white people complaining about this: WHY DO YOU WANT TO SAY IT? Why do you feel like you're being denied something important? Is it because you're white and you're not used to being denied things, or is it just because you're racist fucks who don't like black people? (Spoiler alert, the answer is "both.")

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