Last week we brought you the story of two cops in Anniston, Alabama, who lost their jobs with the police force because of their involvement with the racist neo-Confederate group the League of the South. One, Lt. Wayne Brown, resigned, and the other, Lt. Josh Doggrell, was fired. Now poor Josh Dogrell, clearly the victim of Political Correctness and anti-white hatred, is begging fellow bigots to give him money so he can sue -- or at least have some bigot money.

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LOSer president Michael Hill ran a very sad story Saturday on the League of the South blog explaining that Doggrell's dismissal was terribly unfair, since the Anniston PD had known about his involvement with LOS "since 2006 when he was first hired," and the city government had also been aware of his involvement since 2009. But then the mean old anti-white racists at "the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center" posted video of Doggrell telling a 2012 LOS convention about the great strides the group was making among Southern law enforcement, and he was canned, the poor dear. Hill speculated that Doggrell was fired "because of pressure from the NAACP and the political atmosphere in the wake of the Charleston, SC, church shooting," which, incidentally was the LOS's first mention of the murders since they happened. Hill had run three other blog posts in the days following the shooting: one calling for the removal of a flag from the South Carolina Statehouse (the U.S. one), and the other asking LOS supporters to please contact Hill about sending money for a legal defense fund for Doggrell, even if it is in dirty illegal Yankee dollars.

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Another neo-Confederate blog, Occidental Dissent, whined that Doggrell had been fired for "staying true to his pro-White, pro-South, Nationalist beliefs" because the city of Anniston had bowed before "the altar of the United States federal government, which seeks to extinguish any views that differ from the idea of a twisted, atheistic, sexually-deviant, multicultural empire." It published a brief statement from Doggrell, who explained that while previous police chiefs and city administrations had been just fine with his being a LOSer, the present administration couldn't handle a little bit of publicity and forced him out, but not before offering him a chance to betray his ideals to keep his job:

Friday afternoon the carrot was dangled by internal affairs. Would I be willing to “flush” the League entirely in order to save my job? The answer was a swift no. Three hours later, my termination was announced. Nineteen years, my salary, my benefits, and my retirement are gone. I’m not looking for sympathy, but I do ask for support.

And I’ve gotten it. I am humbled and grateful for the promises of support, including financial, I have received. I think I have a good case, and I am planning to take this to court.

The Occidental Dissent blog also helpfully gave out the office addresses and phone numbers for Anniston City Manager Brian Johnson and his executive assistant, just in case anyone wanted to pay them a friendly visit. The site even included a photo of Johnson so readers would be sure to get the right man. To talk to, of course.

We suspect that any lawsuit claiming a police department is obligated to keep a member of a racist hate group will be laughed out of court, but at least Doggrell is likely to get a few bucks out of his plea for cash. We're not sure whether he's going to try crowdfunding, but he might give it a shot through IndieBubba or HickStarter.

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