First-Ever MTV Political Ad Stars 'Both Ways Barack'


For many moons, MTV was the channel where you could watch Downtown Julie Brown in her fingerless gloves talking about music, and then the Genesis video with the Claymation people would come on, and you could dance around your living room wearing your jelly bracelets and baggy neon shorts. Sadly, those days are over now and the only thing on MTV is a series of progressively more depressing/humiliating reality shows featuring drunk idiots who have sex with each other in the shower. But now there will be political ads, too, on this channel that never allowed political ads before, and the first one just aired! It is shockingly bad.

"Both Ways Barack" just doesn't have the same ring as, say, "Hanoi Jane" or "Tricky Dick." Plus, telling MTV watchers that Barack Obama is always "straddling" things will not make him any less popular.

Let Freedom Ring: Both Ways Barack" [YouTube]

Barack Obama Attacked In First National Political Ad Ever To Air On MTV [MTV News]


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