First-Ever State Dept. Blog Sort of Begging To Be Mocked

Hey kids, the State Department has just learned of the hot new trend from 2001, "the blog." And like everything else in Condi Rice's best-ever Department of State, this blog is an almost comical failure. Start with the name: DIPNOTE. As proven by the approximately 200 e-mails we just received about this thing, the immediate reaction to that ridiculous name is "More like dipshit."

But we are not so puerile -- well, we are, but it's also fun to quote the Blog World's "first responders" (also known as "jackass commenters") as they take stock of the fine new diplomatic propaganda effort and give it a resounding "FAIL."

* "Excellent Idea. BLACK text and WHITE background. Communications 101 - Your computer folks could make the change in minutes. Don't call an inter departmental or inter agency meeting, don't bother with feasibility studies or focus groups. 'Just do it.'" -- Don in Virginia

* "Hello. I am a journalist. Do you think it will be easier to get replies to inquiries if we ask questions on the blog than over the phone to State Department Officials ?" -- Corine in Washington

* "This blog is absurd. Please, the Department that brought us the Iraq war and allows Blackwater to run free drunkenly killing civilians is going to provide unbiased news? Get real." -- Tom in "USA"

* "Great! Another Govt propaganda site... just what America needs... MORE LIES. great job!" -- Anonymous

* "I hate to post such a mundane first comment, but the color scheme of white text on a black background will keep me from coming back to see what is posted. Please change it. My eyes aren't 20 years old any longer, and they are only going to get worse over time." -- Sandra in Virginia

* "Please change the color scheme! The white on black is VERY hard to read. Increase the font size as well, if you will." -- Anonymous

* "Uh, guys. The DipNote name is a shining example of your serious disconnect from the world of public discourse. Believe me, "Diplomatic" is not the word that springs to mind when hearing/reading 'Dip.' It's 'Dipstick.' Look that up in The Urban Dictionary." -- Anonymous

* "I feel this is going to be a great blog. The comments in here are excellent reading. I think this will end up being one of the highest visited government websites." -- William in Canada

We could spend all day reading these comments, but there is more work to be done, so maybe you should waste the day going through these crazy comments and adding them to our comments. Meanwhile, Cheney is readying his strike on Iran ....

DIPNOTE [State Dept.]


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