First Few Desperate Hours

the-hours_f.jpgWelcome the first 100 hours of the Democratic congress, during which they'll curtail corruption, stymie lobbyists, reform earmarks, raise the minimum wage, win the War on Terror, bring the troops home, finally put an end to Christmas once and for all, burn all the flags, impeach the President, and go back in time to buy you a Wii before Christmas your pagan solstice feast.

That's a lot to accomplish! Good thing the first 100 hours don't start until next week!

To begin with, if you're a House Democrat, you don't start the clock running today, when the 110th Congress is sworn in and voting begins, or even tomorrow, when a package of measures reaches the floor to rein in fiscal profligacy. You fire the starting gun on Tuesday, six days into the 110th Congress.

Plus, only hours when the House is in session count, which means the first 100 hours will last until the 19th. Two weeks of this shit! We're already sick of this Congress.

Eye on the Clock, House Democrats Put Their Focus On '100 Hours' [WP]


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