First Lady's Got A New 'Do

  • Instead of making the tired old moral argument that you should not have to lose your house or your life just because you lost your expensive employer-provided healthcare when you lost your job, President Obama focused on the "fiscal responsibility" argument in his Wednesday night press conference on healthcare. [Washington Post]
  • Sergeant James Crowley isn't sorry for arresting Skip Gates. [Boston Globe]
  • Still no compromise in Honduras, despite the efforts of the Costa Rican president to broker an agreement. [Miami Herald]
  • Secret Demoncrap Lindsey Graham has buckled and announced he'll vote for the confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. [Reuters]
  • Amazon has acquired the beloved shoe retailer Zappos, and will start digitizing ladies' pumps and delivering them exclusively via the Kindle. [New York Times]
  • BREAKING ALERT ONE MILLION DRUDGE SIRENS: Michelle Obama changed her haircut. [Christian Science Monitor]

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