First Lady's Second Chief Of Staff

  • Muslims around the world heard President Obama's nice speech and said, "Hmm nice speech, but will he actually do anything differently from that other fellow who dropped all the bombs on us?" [Wall Street Journal]
  • A director who knew David Carradine insists he could not have committed suicide, which leaves two options: foul play or a grisly masturbation accident. [Boston Herald]
  • Nobody wants to serve on Gordon Brown's cabinet so they're all quitting willy-nilly rather than keep working with that loser, who maybe has BO or something. [New York Times]
  • South Carolina's Supreme Court is forcing the upstanding Governor Mark Sanford to whore himself out for (federal) money he does not want. [AP]
  • Is the former CEO of Countrywide just the first of many mortgage and banking-industry execs to be charged with fraud? Oooh let's hope so, for "exciting news scandal" purposes. [Reuters]
  • Michelle Obama's chief of staff is leaving to go do some other government thing, so the First Lady will be getting a new chief of staff. Prediction: Politico WINS THE AFTERNOON by posting an "Is Michelle Obama 'Difficult'?" story (by Jeffrey Rosen). [Washington Post]

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