First, They Shot Our Friendly Dogs For No Apparent Reason

The face of the enemyDupont Circle got a grim preview of the new America -- constant war against everything all the time -- when the beloved pet of a friendly street preacher was murdered, execution style, in front of horrified residents.

Exactly three hours before the president used the solemn remembrance of 9/11 victims to sell the latest White House war propaganda, a federal police officer shot "Precious."

Joe, the Texan street preacher, was in shock. You'll be in shock, too ... after the jump.

"Why did you shoot my dog?" Joe reportedly asked the U.S. Park Police officer who coldly planted a slug in Precious' skull. "He was just chasing squirrels."

A peaceful late-summer afternoon at the park had become a blood-soaked scene of screaming chaos. The government assassins claimed Precious "aggressively ran toward the officer."

Wonkette operatives say the crazed cop was screaming and the dog -- like everybody else hanging around the fountain -- simply directed its attention to the government madman.

Even more damning, 27-year-old Carolyn Stromberg told the Washington Post that when the cop aimed his gun, the helpless dog wasn't even moving ... let alone charging at the bloodthristy cop.

The real cause of the murder seems to be this: A power-mad federal cop told Texas Joe to put Precious on a leash, and when the harmless homeless man didn't jump fast enough for the cop, the cop shot Precious dead.

As the president said last night, "We have learned that they are evil and kill without mercy, but not without purpose." The purpose of the dog's execution by a federal cop was apparently to terrorize and horrify citizens in preparation for constant "warfare" both at home and abroad.

The shaken crowd moved on as Joe lay next to the corpse of his best friend.

"She's gone now," Joe sobbed. "She's dead, she's dead."

Dog Shot, Killed After Charging Officer, Police Say [Washington Post]

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