First Thing Harriet Miers Recommended, Let's Fire All the Lawyers

Ok, so the White House fired eight US Attorneys for sketchy political reasons. Everyone caught up? It seems, in hindsight, like a remarkably stupid decision, especially now that the congressional Dems are firing up the subpoenas and calling for Alberto Gonzales' head. (Justifying torture? We'll let that slide. Fire a lawyer, though, and you're in deep shit, Mister.)

Yes, a remarkably stupid decision. But we weep for how much stupider it could've been.

A Justice Department official said Tuesday that Miers, in a February 2005 discussion with Sampson, suggested firing all of the U.S. attorneys.

That's right. Former White House counsel Harriet Miers recommended firing all 93 US attorneys for no damn reason. She would've been the best Supreme Court justice ever.

Gonzales Accepts Resignation of Top Aide [WP]


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