Florida Congresscritter Will Now Be Famous For Eating Ear Crud On C-Span


If, like Yr Wonkette, you aren't from Florida, chances are pretty good that the name and title "Congressman Joe Garcia (D-Florida)" do not instantly make anything spring to mind. We had to go to the Source of All Internet Truth ourselves, and we actually did have a brief moment of recognition near the middle of the piece when we saw that his chief of staff/ campaign manager had pleaded guilty in 2013 to an attempted absentee vote-registration scam in the 2012 primary, which didn't exactly rise to National Outrage, but did get cited by some wingnuts as an excellent reason for Voter ID laws (which rather misses the "absentee" part). But now, Rep. Garcia has an actual achievement to his name: He is The Guy Who Picked His Ear On C-SPAN And Ate What He Found. God Bless You, Mr. Garcia.

Gawker brings us both the video:

And the inevitable animated .gif:

Take your pick.

Actually, it's a perfectly normal primate behavior, though usually you want to save that sort of thing for being stuck in traffic, where nobody can see you. Can't imagine anyone liking the taste, though, said Yr. Dok Zoom, on the basis of his sole 3rd-grade experiment with the practice.

Rep. Garcia is actually in pretty good company, as former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was also caught on camera having a little taste of Eau de Earcanal in 2007:

We're rather impressed with the self-assured Rudd's direct ear-to-mouth technique, although from a consumer perspective there's also something to be said for Garcia's careful visual inspection of the sample before ingesting it.

We now return you to the last six rows of the schoolbus on a field trip.


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