Florida First In the Nation -- For Wackiness!

Quick, Tubbs, we're late for the 08 Primaries, which are now being held in 1984 - WonketteLast month, Florida's Democratic Party -- a state party second in general insanity only to Florida's Republican Party -- moved their presidential primary election to January 29th. But the Democrats had promised Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina that no one else could go about nominating presidents in January, so the DNC voted to strip Florida of all it's delegates unless they agreed to move their primary to Feb. 5th or later, like everyone else. Harsh! But kinda fair? The DNC gave Florida Dems until September 29th to make their decision, so naturally they announced yesterday that they will just ignore the DNC. Because, really, having the primary is the fun part! Who needs to then proceed to send delegates to the party's national convention anyway? Shit's quainter than the Geneva conventions!

Of course, it's Florida, there are a zillion votes there, and the Dems want 'em (except Barry Obama, who seems to kinda want them but refuses to announce that he will personally kill Castro and give Cuba back to a couple thousand octogenarian ex-pats and the fruit companies). So, uh, the DNC will probably cave. According to Florida's congressional delegation, anyway.

Whether to seat Florida's delegates at the convention would ultimately be up to the presumptive nominee, said Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat from Broward County. Rather than risk the wrath of Florida voters, Ms. Wasserman Schultz said, the party nominee will undoubtedly seat the delegates.

"We're going to make sure our voices are heard loud and clear on that convention floor," she said, adding that the state's entire Democratic Congressional delegation supported the decision to stick with Jan. 29.

Oh this is so, so awesome. Like we joke about it all the time but for chrissakes there are actually going to be presidential primaries in November now, aren't there. Because we'd love to get this open field cut down to whoever spent the most amount of money in the least amount of time as soon as possible. Maybe Iowa should strike back by having their caucuses this year also cover presumptive 2012 candidates?

Florida Democrats Affirm an Early Primary [NYT]


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