Florida GOP Lawmakers Slash Unemployment Payments


Florida has 11.9% unemployment and a statehouse full of wingnuts. What to do? Slash unemployment benefits to a maximum of 20 weeks and cap them at $275 per week.

Bloomberg reports:

Florida’s Republican-controlled House passed a bill curbing unemployment benefits as the state announced its jobless rate remained above 11 percent for the 15th consecutive month.

The bill, which passed by 81 to 38 in Tallahassee today, would reduce benefit coverage to 20 weeks from 26 and cap the maximum weekly payment at the current $275. The measure now moves to the Senate, also led by Republicans.

“This bill is punitive to unemployed people at a time when there are no jobs,” Darryl Rouson, a Democrat from St. Petersburg, said during floor debate. “The timing is wrong.”

Silly Democrat. The timing is perfect. When do you want to fuck poor people, when things are better? [Bloomberg]


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