Florida Gov. Rick Scott Puts Out Ad Calling Starbucks Woman Unpatriotic Taker Anarchist Loser

Florida Governor and Lizard Person Rick Scott got an earful from a mad woman at Starbuck's this week, and he unliked that enough to take out an ad calling her an anarchist who doesn't salute the flag and is a no-job loser.

Florida Governor and Lizard Person Rick Scott, apparently, is taking his cues on engaging in a civil society from Donald Trump. At least he didn't call her a fat uggo, we guess.

After the narrator chuckles about what a terrible un-American that mad lady was, he voiceovers about "taking a look at the substance" of her unhinged ranting. It turns out Rick Scott has created a whole bunch of jobs! THANKS OBAMA!

One bit of the "substance" the narrator leaves by the wayside came when Rick Scott whined about the encounter in a speech in Boca Raton:

I’ve said all along that if the federal government wants to have its program, they should fund their program,” Scott said Wednesday. “But don’t come to the state of Florida and ask us to tax our taxpayers for a federal program. I don’t believe in that. I don’t go to the federal government and say ‘fund my program.'”

Well, except for when his company went to the federal government and said "fund my program" and then accidentally frauded Medicare so bad they had to pay a fine of ONE POINT SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS WITH A B. ("Bollars.")

Other than that, though, Rick Scott doesn't ask the government to fund his program. Probably because his program literally signed up 30 people.

[Orlando Sentinel]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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