Florida Senate Staffer Resigns in Shame (Not Hers)

NelsonontheleftSenate staffer Amanda Schweitzer, 25, of Winter Park, Fla., was arrested last week for "refusing to leave [Shea Field]" after a college football game, yelling at the police and "pushing an officer away belligerently." Heady stuff (though around here we just call that Friday night). Schweitzer told police that "Her boss, Sen. Bill Nelson, would take care of the cops and that they couldn't do anything to her." It's a gross misuse of authority -- literally: Schweitzer worked -- she resigned yesterday -- for Florida's other, Republican, senator, Mel Martinez.

Tipsy FSU fan loses Senate job [Boston Herald via Capitol Buzz]

Unruly fan arrested at Shea Field [Allston-Brighton TAB]


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