Welfare Poors Aren't Big Druggies, But Boeing Workers Sure Are!

Welfare Poors Aren't Big Druggies, But Boeing Workers Sure Are!

Florida and other teabagger-ruled feifdoms like Georgia, Michigan and Arizona are all spending millions of dollars trying to prove unsuccessfully that their state welfare rolls are riddled with wretched socialist junkies who rush straight to spend their 26 government cents or whatever on a pile of smack first chance. This is idiotic. The real junkies are where the real money is: Boeing! The happy little elves working in Santa's favorite death machine workshop in Pennsylvania at America's favorite taxpayer black hole defense contractor -- which recently won a $35 billion contract from the government  -- turn out to be high out of their minds on pills! How do we know this? Because the DEA just arrested three dozen of them.

TalkingPointsMemo reports:

The FBI, DEA and federal prosecutors announced Thursday the arrest of 37 current and former employees (and one non-employee) accused of abusing prescription drugs, the result of a "coordinated, long-term, undercover effort" that Boeing cooperated with.

Officials said 23 of the employees illegally distributed the drugs while 14 were charged with attempted possession of the drugs being sold by their coworkers.

Each defendant -- who range in age from 23 to 65 -- the feds say "either sold a controlled substance to an FBI cooperator or bought what was believed to be a controlled substance from the cooperator but which was, in fact, a placebo."

The sting operation was investigated by both the FBI and the DEA. The drugs being distributed, according to the feds "include but are not limited to fentanyl (Actiq), oxycodone (Oxycontin), alprazolam (Xanax) and buprenorphine (Suboxone)."

There you go, Rick Scott. The poor people might not save you a lot of taxpayer money in drug tests, but the war people sure can. [TPM]


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