FLOTUS Body Double Parties With Britney Spears, Probably On U.S. Dime


Yawn, there goes Michelle Obama again, partying in Europe with a bunch of celebrities when she is supposed to be doing herjob (locking Malia in her room until she eats her broccoli). This time, our FLOTUS is not even trying to mask her frivolous night out as "official business," shamelessly eating at an Indian restaurant with Britney Spears, Mr. Bean and Pavarotti while Americans' tax dollars most likely paid for every single samosa. Actually, though, it was not Michelle Obama herself that enjoyed the party in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, whatever that is. It was her secret body double! So how much money does that Michelle Obama steal from the pockets of hardworking Americans?

Apparently the British have nothing better to do than goof around in Indian restaurants and confuse paying customers, which is of course why we had to Revolution against them back when Jesus ruled Washington, DC. So they sent their most convincing "celebrity lookalikes" to take amusing photos and get some laffs. "Celebrities" in this case would be Michelle Obama and the cast of BBC's The Office.

They are all professional lookalikes – and caused a few raised eyebrows when they gathered in the unlikely setting of an Indian restaurant in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Diners at the Apne restaurant were stunned to see Britney Spears feeding Simon Cowell onion bhajis - before whacking him when he pinched one too many. Cowell’s double Andrew Monk, 52, was once chosen by the music mogul as his favourite lookalike, while Spears impersonator Michaela Weeks, 27, has received recognition on the singer’s website.

Michelle Obama is better known as Dionne Rose, 46, and Formula 1 driver Jenson Button goes by the name of Nick Lancaster, 29.

The group, led by the Pavarotti doppleganger Colin Miller, 60, will compete in the global lookalike contest 'Reel Awards' in Las Vegas on February 21 next year.

Colin, who earns up to £1,000 a week for appearing as the late opera singer, said: 'We are all looking to fly out to Las Vegas to take part in an annual convention for look-a-likes. Every year, Americans romp away with the awards. We want to go out there to fly the flag for Britain.

'Americans like to come first and it is our plan to get a good number of lookalikes together and go over and take part.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, because no one does racist comments quite like the U.S. of A., the Michelle Obama lookalike did not receive as much criticism as she probably should have, for wasting so much of America's time at a joke party with the mean man from American Idol. The only one taking racist hits was, somehow, Mr. Bean:

Why has the Mr Bean lookalike blacked up? - Matt, Glasgow, 08/9/2011

[Daily Mail]


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