FLOTUS Builds House for Women Vets With Space-Age Vegetable Machine

Twinkie and french fry enthusiasts (or, "The American People") often forget that our FLOTUS has another cause, besides constructing a genocide against slob children. But she does, and this cause is The Troops, because nutritious lifestyle initiatives have turned out to be really polarizing for some reason, and Michelle Obama figured she should pick another hobby that everyone loves (for the most part) so she could continue to reign as the most popular or at least most tolerable Obama. It was for this second cause that our FLOTUS went on prime time teevee last night, to build a house for lady veterans. But she couldn't just build a house, she had to add in some fresh vegetables and crazy technology, because that is Michelle Obama's way.

Michelle Obama appeared on the season premiere of ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" to help construct the "Steps-n-Stages Jubilee House for women veterans in need of assistance or a place to stay." Apparently, our FLOTUS has "limited" construction skills, which is hard believe because, hello, those arms. But she helped with ladylike things, such as hanging plaques and OH OF COURSE, coming at these women veterans with her own healthy eating agenda, demonstrated in the video.

It seems as though a machine that moves vegetables from the backyard to the kitchen is somewhat counterproductive when it comes to Michelle Obama's suggestion that human beings get off their butts and at least walk around, but maybe not? Even teevee stars like that Ty Pennington fellow must submit to Michelle Obama's vegetable gardening, calorie-conscious lifestyle. Michelle Obama rules us all! Or at least we wish she would. [AOL TV]


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