Women in this country are under a tremendous amount of pressure right now, with scaly old men going out of their way and then some to make sure there is absolutely nothing left in place to prevent their personal "30 Kids and Counting" fantasies from coming true. They are still working on the part where they have to find actual women to do the sexing with them, butin good time, because apparently we are not only a nation of rampant obesity, but also widespread low self-esteem. Well, there is low self-esteem among white people - white women, to be exact, according to a Washington Post Survey which found that "67 percent of black women describe themselves as having high self-esteem, compared with 43 percent of white women." This same survey also asked women to describe their feelings toward Michelle Obama, to which white women replied, "I do not care for her Bermuda shorts."

The survey demonstrates that our FLOTUS has helped black women see themselves and each other in a more positive way. This is not the case for white women, however, who are by and large fairly positive that all black women are either Tyler Perry in a costume, or Precious Jones' abusive mother.

Interviewers talked to about 800 black women about their worries, hopes and fears to determine how black women see themselves in the Age of Obama.

The study itself represents change. After all, it isn’t very often researchers attempt to define black women from a perspective other than that of single mother or poor black women.

The survey found that four in 10 black women said their overall impression of black women has improved because of Obama, while fewer than one in seven white women gave that response.

Most black women polled have a "favorable impression" of Michelle Obama. White women were more on the fence between "she is great," "she's okay, but I'm jealous of her arms," and "give me Twinkies." About 20% of white women are really hoping to have a sedated, insecure white lady in the East Wing next year. [WaPo/Chicago Sun-Times]


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