FLOTUS Proves Commitment to Military Families By Dating Marine

When Michelle Obama is bored from exercising with toddlers all day, she takes on her second hobby: supporting The Troops. After all, that is what her recentNASCAR horror and teevee appearance were all about. We thought she was doing these things out of her respect for military families. But as it turns out, she really just thinks Marines are super hawt. Our FLOTUS was spreading the low-fat holiday cheer at a Toys for Tots event last week when a braver, younger, more dashing and more uniformed Barack Obama made a move on Michelle, as Mariah Carey sang in approval. Sasha and Malia, meet your new step dad!

Michelle Obama was just hanging out, meeting some soldiers, when a daring young Marine channeled his massive cojones to ask out our First Lady. With the unbearable Christmas pop blaring over the speakers and 3-D Eiffel Tower puzzles piled in a giant heap, the scene was as romantic as could be:

The first lady also got a surprise invitation from a soldier to be his date at next year's Marine Corps Ball.

Lance Cpl. Aaron Leeks, 20, of Frederick, Md., said he asked Obama to accompany him because he's a fan and admires her work to support the military.

When Obama was sorting toys at the charity event and came close to Leeks, he leaned over a toy bin and got her attention to pop the question. The first lady smiled and called over a staff member as she chatted with Leeks.

"She said she'd love to go," Leeks said. "Actually, she said I'd need to speak to her husband, too, but she said she'd love to."

And here is the video of their innocent exchange.

The Marine Corps Ball happens to be in November 2012. Our FLOTUS will probably be relieved to have something pleasant to look forward to that month. [AP]


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