FLOTUS Visits Late Show, Things Get Real


Our beloved FLOTUS has been the subject ofsome "trouble" lately, but of course, that is one of the things we like about her. We also adore her style, charm, and biceps. That Michelle Obama charm was on full display last night, when our FLOTUS made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. She talked about Bo the dog, her favorite place ever (Target), and, of course, The Troops. She laughed, and she even cried, and then asked in frustration, "Where are the laughs?" which was quite profound, as it is a question that America is struggling to answer.

Michelle is really getting out there with the people lately, perhaps to remind them what they'd be missing if they let some sort of evil ice witch queen take over her East Wing (human emotion, obviously, is what they would be missing).

On Monday, Obama got choked up during a visit to -- of all places -- "The Late Show," as she talked to David Letterman about her late father, who suffered from multiple sclerosis and was unable to walk.

"I think I learned from him the notion of unconditional love, the notion that kids don't really need anything but to know that their parents adore them. I think that's the greatest gift they gave us, just their constant support and stability. We had rules, we had boundaries, but there wasn't anything our dad wouldn't do for us," Obama said as tears welled in her eyes.

She quickly opted to make light of the situation: "Don't make me cry. This isn't 'Oprah!' This is supposed to be Letterman. Where are the laughs?"

Here is a video of our FLOTUS being lovely and David Letterman uncomfortably trying to move on from the tears. Somewhere, Dr. Drew is upset about this missed opportunity!

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