Flynt Tickles Member's Member

As seasoned porn fans know, Larry Flynt sends each member of Congress a complimentary copy of Hustler each month. Most offices claim they just toss it, along with all the letters from angry old ladies and all the petitions you sign about mercury in fish or whatever. But according to a former staffer named "Ryan," one member happily (if secretly) took home each and every issue.

We left the office and passed, among others in the corridor, Jim Moran of Virginia and Tom DeLay of Texas. The congressman stopped to talk to them and introduced me around. I quickly had to switch the envelope that I had been carrying in my now-sweaty right hand in order to shake their hands. Beside the elevator, the congressman opened his briefcase. I forwarded his "reading material" and he quickly stashed it beneath a legislative folder regarding the upcoming renewal of the Patriot Act.

The full story can be found here -- feel free to leave your guesses as to the Rep's identity in the comments.

washington is all about hustling [save the assistants]


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