FMA "Celebrity" Press Conference Update: Gaygaygaygaygay

Wonkette's fashion correspondent writes to let us know what happened at the press conference announcing the support of "famous people" (Pat Boone! Darrell Green! Marvin Winans! Dean Jones, star of "Herbie the Love Bug"!!!) for the Federal Marriage Amendment:

I swear I'm not making this upĀ -- Pat Boone is wearing a white shirt, white pants, white shoes and a sports coat that is the gayest shade of orange I've ever seen. It most closely resembles Super-G brand orange sherbert, only less manly. Darrell Green and the gospel guy (like anyone listens to that) were dressed normal. Dean Jones (I assume it was him but who the hell really knows what this guy looks like) looked like he'd been pulled out of skidrow and had a suit slapped on his detoxing ass.
Sad, really. So very sad that we actually sort of feel bad for Republicans, at least one of whom also wrote, expressing mild disbelief at his party's inability to get their shit together and at least appear like they live in this decade:
HERBIE???? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???? I mean - why don't we just make women wear burqas to the press conference as well..... HERBIE?!?!?!?!?!? Ugh. And Santorum just hired all new staffers, too.
Yes, but the new staffers apparently also live in caves.

Federal Marriage Amendment: The C-List Speaks Out [Wonkette]


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