FMA Hearing Flirtation: Way to Stick It to the Man

When you think about it, is there a better place to cruise in all of D.C.?

Senate JC Hearing on Marriage Amendment

(6/22/2004) - m4m - 25

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Date: 2004-07-02, 3:13PM EDT

It's been a while, but why not?

You were the intern in a dark blue with light stripes suit, brown shoes, taking notes on a pad with pencil, white, with short, brownish/reddish hair - I was the Asian guy in a suit standing in front of you for most of the hearing (though I kept stepping out to make calls) - we made eye contact a few times... want to get together and talk about the FMA more in depth?

We are so rooting for you anon-35351456! We can't promise you a book deal, but good luck with the ass-fucking anyway!

Senate JC Hearing on Marriage Amendment [Craigslist]


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