FNAFA: Gays Feel Fucked by Bush

gay gay gay gay gay!Right after Bush announced his support of the amendment declaring gays and lesbians to count as 3/5 of a person, we heard rumblings about gay administration appointees resigning en masse. Apparently, he has: The Washington Blade reports that Donald Capoccia has stepped down in protest over the proposed amendment. The Blade notes that Capoccia was "one of President Bush's most visible openly gay appointees," which is brave, but he was vice chair of the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, so people probably would have assumed he was a queen anyway.

Speaking of which: We were joking about Capoccia being the only gay Bush appointee. We're sure there are loads. It's just that -- for perfectly good reasons -- they're not exactly running down 17th St. in high heels/playing softball on the Mall (choose your own gay-appropriate stereotype). But no matter how many in the Bush administration are gay, there are many, many more who seem gay.

I mean, really: Chief Justice Rehnquist is an avowed Gilbert and Sullivan fan. He might as well stand in front of JR's in chaps and a leather vest. And don't tell me that Karl Rove doesn't collect Judy Garland's dress patterns. As for Mary Matalin. . . well, it's not like Carville could possibly be straight, either.

Wonkette encourages readers to send in their own nominations for a new contest: The Donald Capoccia Honorary Homo Award for Gayest-Seeming Bushie. This is not about outing anyone. In fact, if you know for a fact someone is gay, s/he (ha) is disqualified. Please, nominate only those in or close to the administration that seem gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Bush appointee resigns over marriage issue [Washington Blade via Kicking Ass]

Can you explain the 4 gold stripes on the sleeves of Chief Justice Rehnquist's judicial robe? [C-SPAN]


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