Focus On F**king With James Dobson

Is he praying? Hunched over with heartburn? Rubbing his johnson? - WonketteDobson's the dude who runs Focus On the Family, a big evangelical operation out of Colorado. We have no issue with focusing on a family or the family or even several families, but Dobson's real mission these days is to savagely harass the homosexuals while threatening GOP politicians with a Born-Again Backlash if they don't push for homophobic anti-liberty laws.

So why not spend some time "shopping" for crap off Dobson's website? Instead of a purchase, what you're really doing is ordering some materials in exchange for a "donation" ... a donation of nothing!

Just follow the 12 easy steps and Dobson's organization will mail you (or your friends ... or enemies) all kinds of religious stuff.

Sadly, we didn't see anything we wanted, not even as a free joke. (The Stranger reporter grabbed a DVD of "Chronicles of Narnia," but that movie was the most joyless Disney garbage we've ever seen, and was clearly produced by people who had never read a page of C.S. Lewis, nor any other books.)

Shopping Spree: How to Get Free Books, CDs, and Movies from Focus on the Family -- Thereby Taking Money out of the Pockets of Anti-Gay Bigots -- in 12 Easy Steps [The Stranger]



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