Foley Shit: Brian Ross Finally Removes Prop Phone From Ear, Breaks Actual News

Our Monday Mark Foley write-up presented the timeline of events as we knew it. Since then, barely anything more has come to light. Today's Brian Ross interview in the Wall Street Journal is an interesting read, though it doesn't shed as much light as it suggests.

We learn that Mr. Ross, Investigative Reporter, uses more or less the same technique as Wonkette: throw shit up, hope it attracts better shit. Ross claims that he (or some intern) posted the less-shocking emails, and then was promptly sent the filthy, filthy IM transcripts. And we believe him (except for the part where people actually read The Blotter). So -- no Democratic Dirty Trickster hands there.

What we still don't know is: Who sent the original emails to Stop Sex Predators. Because the number of likely suspects is about as long as Maf54's buddy list.

BTW: Ross claims the emails were sent to him by a "Capitol Hill source" "involved in public-policy issues." Naturally, he didn't run with them until we reposted them.

There's a good chance this broke as October started just by luck and coincidence, but that's not particularly interesting, and we will therefore never speak of it again.

Ex-Pages Brought Explicit Messages to Light [WSJ]


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