My-Little-pony.jpgYou know, generally, it's not worth our time to go after all the insane, barely literate halfwits who write editorials and columns for our nation's less prestigious papers. 'Cause, really, it's shooting fish in a barrel. It's like sending Robert Christgau to review karaoke night at the Reef. Sure, it's bad, but who cares -- these people are amateurs. But every now and then, one of these lunatics comes up with a column so brilliant, so perfect, so unbalanced, that we must emerge from our decadent coastal enclave and enter the great uncharted middle of the country to bring back to our godless readers the Word. This is one of those columns:

One of these days before I die, I hope to see a shift in the attitudes of so many of my black brothers and sisters in this great country we share, from perpetual victimhood, to pride in their achievements on the road from slave to American citizen.

Remember Ronald Reagan


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