Follow the Campaign Money

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The building in the District to donate the most money to Democratic presidential candidates is The Colonnade in Glover Park. Lots of lobbyists live there; it's hideous.

One building in the District that tied for the most money to Bush is "home" to many Pricewaterhouse Coopers principals. The other building's address is "666." (Make of this what you will.)

Mary Matalin has already given $2,000 to W. -- hubby James Carville, despite hectoring his fellow Dems to cough up for Kerry, has not yet pitched in himself.

David Brock has a thing for guys in uniform.

Congressional staffers are sort of stingy.

UPDATE: is not updated for the past quarter yet. So, you know, Carville may not be a tightwad. Still creepy about that 666 building, tho, eh?


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