Following the Auction Leaders

The spoilsports at eBay have closed down the auction for the endorsement of an imaginary foreign leader. Considering that the bidders were such notorious deadbeats as Kim Jong Il and Al Sharpton, this was probably prudent. But not all those interested in the endorsement were likely to skip out on PayPal-ment. "zelda78401" has a near-perfect feedback record, for instance. (She has also tried to buy a new King James Bible on several occasions -- jumping the gun on the inauguration a bit, eh, Zelda?) On the creepier side, bidder "currax_furia" recently purchased an issue of "Dairy Goat Journal Nov 1948." But the feedback was good! "wonderful buyer,prompt payment,Thank you for an easy transaction!!"

Before this topic is lost to the ether, we should note that any price these folks would have paid for the endorsement would have been too high. Call him dumb if you want, but in 2000 George W. did secure the endorsement of his own imaginary foreign leader for free.

eBay Member Profile for zelda78401 [eBay]

eBay Member Profile for currax_furia [eBay]

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