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Finally, ABC takes some time to promote their new Noted Now venture! Today's The Note includes tips for those unfamiliar with the revolutionary product, which is a continuously updated news digest in web format. I know! What will they think of next! Of course, Note readers may not be familiar how to "interface" with this sort of medium, so the ABC political unit provides some answers to hypothetical questions, including:

    Q. So can I sign up to get updates?

    A. Nope. Much more sensible to check the page often. has reported that Jeff Zeleny checks and re-checks it at least every 10 minutes — and Mike Allen even more regularly.

Hey, thanks for the shoutout! Though we have no idea who the fuck you're talking about. . . That's OK! And it's OK about not actually linking to the site, too . . . this new "blogging" technology is so hard. But at least you caught onto the whole "making shit up" part!

Now, Noted: Start Paying Attention (Permalinks are a'comin'!) [ABC News]

The Note News (Don't Even Get Me Started On Using "Impact" as a Verb) [Wonkette]


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