• "Imagine a United States Senate with Michael Williams, Pat Toomey, and Marco Rubio. Now imagine Pat Toomey massaging your naked body with Skippy peanut butter, as Marco's moist testicles rest on your face ... We can make all that a reality." [RedState]

  • The Associated Press has bought the rights to "Thomas Jefferson." © Associated Press. [Hit & Run]

  • Are you a senator? A House member? Maybe a governor? Well come on down to Nevada's exclusive BunnyRanch Harem and enjoy the free petting zoo! [TPM]

  • Fire-safe cigarettes? Smoke 'em if you got 'em! [Andrew Sullivan]

  • After arguing bitterly with Jefferson Davis about how many slaves you can fit in the hull of a schooner, Creigh Deeds seceded from the Confederate States of America. And that is how 10 acres in rural Virginia became known as Deeds Country. [NRO: The Campaign Spot]


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