For Sale: Blogger. Cheap!

So CBS appears to be flacking directly to the blogosphere! Neat! This, according to Martin Kelley, of the ubiquitous Quaker Ranter blog. (CBS sure knows its opinion leaders!) Kelley claims that a CBS minion put the screws to him to post something about a "60 Minutes" package on conscientious objectors. Quoth Kelley:

So now CBS News publicists are courting bloggers. That’s great: hey, if y’all want to buy me that new Treo Smartphone or a gift certificate to Gohn Bros, I’ll say Dan Rather is hotter than an armadillo sunning himself between the yellow lines on the interstate.
We love this idea. After all, there should be some benefit to not being real journalist. We mean, besides making shit up. (Also fun!)

60 Minutes Courting Bloggers [Quaker Ranter via Rather Biased]


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