For Sale: Donnie Fowler

Does It Really Matter Who The DNC Chair Is As Long As I'm Their Mascot?If you're not already Donnie Fowler's friend, you can be for a lousy fifty bucks. His new 527 is sending around e-mails soliciting contributions for his bid to become chairman of the Democratic National Committee. A Wonkette operative forwards the price list:

Yes, I will support Donnie Fowler for DNC Chair by making a contribution of:

Co-Host $250

Sponsor $100

Friend $50

Other ___________

"Other," eh? We wonder how much it would cost to be listed as Donnie Fowler's God...

Fowler's Web site, meanwhile, lists some of the expenses he needs the money to cover, like $7.90 for a cab ride in D.C., $299 for Blackberry/phone service, $182 to fly some hack down from New York to Atlanta to spin for him at a regional DNC meeting. Whatever. We know Donnie's young and all, but we figure the Dems may as well go with someone whose main qualification is his daddy had the job. It worked for the GOP!

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