For Self-Defense Purposes Only

* News anchors and Harry Potter authors supposedly make for tasty terror targets for terrorists with nothing better to blow up. [Passport]

* Robert Byrd's double life as an animal cruelty Batman-esque vigilante. [Fresh Intelligence]

* American authorities are shocked, shocked, to find our hardware falling into the hands of the evildoers. [Iraq Slogger]

* Grandstanding as a boon for incompetence. [Capitol Hill Blue]

* Defense Secretary Gates is all like, "Oh, Hillary Clinton? Nah, she hates Arabs just as much as the rest of us." [Election Central]

* American hostages in Iran need to be freed, except the dude who works for George Soros. Cut that guy's fucking head off. [RedState]

* Well well well, looks like someone just got back from charm school where they who learned how to feign empathy. [IMAO]

* TNR said something controversial so that means they may have made it up. No better way to get at the truth than to ask a bunch of bloggers what they think. [LGF]


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