For the Record: A Few Fashion Notes

Fashion Week just ended back in New York. But here at Wonkette, it's just getting started!

Earlier today, our Capitol Fashion Police arrested Dana Milbank of the Washington Post, based on the ridiculous "hunting outfit" he wore when he went on MSNBC to talk about the Cheney hunting accident. We thought his costume was hideous; but now we learn it wasn't even accurate. A reader advises:

Just for the record, the orange vest Dana Milbank wore on TV is NOT a hunting vest. It is clearly a vest manufactured, sold, and used for highway construction workers. The hat, besides being goofy, was probably not purchased at a hunting store. I'm no color wheel expert, but the color has too much red and isn't close enough to hunter's florescent orange. And a hunter wouldn't have that tuft of material hovering over his head. It would hit branches and leaves as he turns his head and alert the quarry. A hunter's knit cap would be much closer to the head and without excess material. "False but accurate!"

And last week, we blogged about the visible thong of Stormie Janzen, one of several sexy staffers to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.). A reader sent us this query:

stormie janzen stormy jansen thong thong thong.JPGA quick question -- why does everyone assume that the underwear being shown is a thong? It's certainly not apparent from that picture [from her blog]. It could just be some sort of string bikini, eh?

Point well-taken. So if any of you have firsthand information that the undergarment in question is a thong, please let us know!

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