For the Record, We Turned Down Playboy (Thanks for Asking!)

If nothing else, this should put to rest the rumor that we cooked up the Washingtonienne thing ourselves: The NYT reports that D.C.'s own semi-pro harlot of the Hill has sold a book based on her experiences to HyperionDisney. In case you were wondering, that means to the Disney corporate mind, cornholing is awesome, but Bush-Saudi conspiracy theories? Won't touch them through ten latex condoms. The best part: They're paying her six-fucking-figures (as it were).

Well. We love ass-fucking too, and all we've ever gotten is cab fare home.

(By the way, that sound you hear? It's the dying gasp of a shark who has jumped and jumped and jumped. . . )

Books: Work In Progress [NYT via The Backer]

Backstory on the whole twisted saga after the jump.

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