For the Record: William Bode Too 'Busy' to Represent Washingtonienne

washingtonienne.jpegEarlier this month, we reported on the highly suspicious "notice of withdrawal" (hehe) filed by William Bode, former lawyer to Jessica Cutler, the Blogger Formerly Known as Washingtonienne. Now we bring you this update.

By way of summary: lawyers to Robert Steinbuch, the ex-lover of Jessica now suing her for invasion of privacy, moved to disqualify William Bode as Cutler's lawyer. They argued that Bode had a conflict of interest, alleging that he was "W" -- the middle-aged partner in a small Georgetown law firm, with whom Cutler had a sexual relationship, as described in her blog.

So what happened next? Bode withdrew from the case, filing a cursory notice of withdrawal that was conspicuously silent on the allegations that he was "W."

Now Bode tells the Legal Times what he never bothered to tell the Court: that he is not "W." Bode claims that he withdrew from Cutler's case because he is "too busy."

C'mon, Bill, do you really expect us to buy that? When was the last time a middle-aged male lawyer said he was too "busy" for Jessica Cutler? Unless you've found a younger and hotter intern to sleep with, we're disinclined to believe you.

As for why Bode refused to address the allegations in any court filing, but was willing to discuss them with the media, our theory boils down to two words: Rule 11.

(Note to non-lawyers: Rule 11 is this rule that says you can't lie to the Court, 'n stuff. But lying to the media is okay -- and everybody does it.)

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