For This Year's 9/11, Bush Gives Up Iraq

DEMS TOOK MAH BIG FLAG - WonketteEvery year we are supposed to give up something for 9/11. Like, in 2003 when he ordered the invasion of Iraq, George Bush Junior gave up candy until the war was over. Ha ha, not really, he just gave it up for a few months and then realized he liked his fucking candy a lot more than he liked promising to do symbolic shit while 4,000 U.S. troops and about a million other people got blown up, because of him.

So, anyway, for this year's 9/11 Bush has finally given up Iraq. He just announced that he suddenly thinks the best idea is to make a timeline to withdraw troops -- you know, exactly like Congress and The Voters and everybody have been demanding all this time -- and he's going to allow 30,000 lucky American troops to come home from that hellscape that Bush Junior & Cheney created, for fun, and then we will sign a Peace Treaty with the Terrorists (represented by Fred Thompson) just like always, the end. (Don't worry because we still have a giant fortified embassy and a bunch of permanent military bases so we will still get the oil.)

Bush To Reduce Troop Level By 30,000 By 2008 [CBS AP]


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