For Wingnuts On Facebook, Campbell's Soup Is the New 'GZ Mosk'


Some wingnut found out Campbell's Soup in Canada is now certified halal and became very angry that Sharia law was being imposed on his chicken-noodle soup, as we briefly mentioned yesterday. Suddenly, there is now a Facebook page full of thousands of wingnuts "protesting" this, or whatever it is you call idiots trying to type xenophobic comments in correct English into a box on Facebook. Such as, "No is no such thing as Peachful Muslims." Peachful, right. Here's another good one! "There were no NAZI bagesl during WWII and there should darn well not be any American soup company going halal. To hell wtih Campbell's!" The Muslims want us to eat their food, but we won't do it! We won't eat any food at all! HAHA! Take that, Muslims!

Haha, jk you guys, our president is less human than even a Muslim.

This woman will starve her children to teach those Muslims a lesson about wanting to have some information on a food label.

Putting a little icon on a food label is akin to the Holocaust, or at least it will be pretty soon.

Don't give them your address! The soup people will send a terrorist to your house and turn it into a mosk!

WorldNetDaily also did an article on this, because obviously cans of soup will soon be bombs, and we have to be prepared. And WND needed an answer VERY SWIFTLY on why our soup is now Muslin.

A WND call to Campbell's Canada requesting comment was referred to a U.S. office that was closed. A security guard told WND there was no one who could be reached to comment tonight.

WND also has a fun poll you can vote in! Here are some of the options:

It makes no difference - Campbell's priced itself out of our family's budget a long time ago

Campbell's is selling the soup that will be used to destroy us

Andy Warhol is turning over in his grave

For some reason, this creeps me out

M'mmm, m'mmm, bad

People actually spend their lives just hating things, we guess. [WND/Facebook]

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