Forcing Voters To Remember 'Lisa Murkowski' Is Illegal, Says Court

Forcing Voters To Remember 'Lisa Murkowski' Is Illegal, Says Court
  • The Alaska Supreme Court carefully inspected your convoluted Lisa Murkowski "visual aids" and -- after probably no deliberation -- ruled unanimously that those MS Paint atrocities are actually unconstitutional visual impediments and are unfair to Alaska's already hopeless electorate. So hooray, you've forced polling places to provide lists of the write-in candidates. Now Alaskan voters can go up to the Information Desk on election day and ask, "How do you spell Lisa?" And then the volunteer poll person will hand them a helpful write-in candidate brochure, written in English and not weird bitmaps of "Merk pubes." But how, then, are these illiterate voters supposed to distinguish Lisa Murkowski's name from other names listed on this candidate-chart? ("How do you spell Lisa? Oh, it says right here on this piece of paper: 'Scott McAdams.'") Bad call, Alaska Supreme Court. [The Caucus]
  • Do you live in a stylish house/condo/shanty, in a metropolitan area? No, you don't! Because "133 out of 206 metropolitan areas with at least 200,000 residents posted an annual increase in foreclosure activity." [AP]

  • We have witnessed the "nastiest" campaign cycle in history, according to some poll! And not the cool "that's the bomb" nasty. The other nasty (You know: "boogers are nasty," et cetera). [The Hill]


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