Ford's Childhood Home Taken Over by Gays

fordhouse.jpgHappy Ford Day! We, unlike many of you, are working today, but we're still totally mourning our 38th President. The Wall Street Journal has a very touching story on one of Gerald Ford's half-dozen childhood homes. It seems that Grand Rapids, like the rest of Michigan, fell on hard times a couple decades ago, when everyone lost their jobs because of Margaret Thatcher or something. One of Ford's houses ended up in a very bad neighborhood run by illegal-immigrant gangs and drug dealers. Then in the 1990s, a couple gentrifiers bought it and fixed it up and became Ford's best friends.

The gentrifiers in question are Tim England and Rob Kent, and we congratulate the Wall Street Journal on getting through a whole piece on them without mentioning how totally gay they are.

In Grand Rapids, Fixer-Upper Leads to Unusual Bond [WSJ]


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