Forecast: Layoffy, With A Chance Of Millennial Drought

  • In an interview with the Dubai-based Al Arabiya channel, President Obama urged Palestinians and Israelis to return to the negotiating table. [Reuters]
  • Layoff fever -- it's spreading! This hot new trend started in the mortgage and real estate sectors, but now manufacturing, retail, and IT are getting in on the action. [New York Times]
  • Four Democrats voted against the appointment of tax cheat Tim Geithner to Treasury Secretary. He was appointed anyway. [Bloomberg]
  • Barack Obama's "honeymoon" in Washington is long over, because he basically started running the country in, oh, October. [MSNBC]
  • We are on track to dwell in a post-apocalyptic hellscape of tsunamis and drought for 1,000 years, and basically nothing can change that. [Washington Post]
  • In the United States, people look at our failing newspaper industry and joke darkly about a newspaper bailout. In France, they are actually doing a newspaper bailout. [Financial Times]

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