Foreclosure Crisis Takes Down Beloved Sidekick Ed McMahon

America might be busy ejaculating in its collective pants about the end of Racism and the beginning of Hope, but that doesn't stop our nation's bankers from the very important work of booting the elderly from their homes. That's right, our mortgage-foreclosure-housing-bubble crisis marches on, and it looks like the next stop on the hobo train is swank Beverly Hills, where former Johnny Carson sidekick andHoward Stern prank call subject Ed McMahon has run into some financial troubles.

Ed McMahon is now 85 years old, and he broke his neck a year and a half ago so he can't work and anyway he is 85, which means that now he can't afford to live in his house. It has been on the market for two years but has found nobody to love it yet.

Presumably, seeing this written about in the Wall Street Journal will convince Evil Lender Countrywide to give Ed McMahon a break and work out some accommodation that doesn't involve a carboard box and canned cat food.

Ed McMahon May Lose Beverly Hills Home [Wall Street Journal]


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