Post-Racial America

Trump Tried To Sell Three Million American Citizens, As One Does

Able was he ere he saw Greenland.

Why wouldn't the Danes want to trade their giant Arctic island for a tropical paradise off the coast of Florida? Why wouldn't 56,000 Greenlanders want American passports?

As the rats flee the Trump ship and start squealing about what they've seen, all sorts of hair-raising details are coming out about what a rancid shitstain our president is. No matter how bad you think it is, it's guaranteed to be even worse than that.

Case in point, Miles Taylor, the former Homeland Security chief of staff who recently cut an ad for Republican Voters Against Trump and published a Washington Post op-ed describing Trump's brazen efforts to punish Democratic states by, say, cutting off federal aid during a wildfire, for instance.

Today, Taylor appeared on NBC to kibbitz with Hallie Jackson about his time in Trumpland.

"What is the most, in the conversations you were involved in, disturbing idea, or thought, or discussion that you heard from President Trump that is sort of resonating and sitting with you still today?" Jackson asked.

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Pompeo Tells House Dems To Get F*cked, Rolls Over For Senate R's Biden Smear

Subpoenas are for little people.

There are a lot of partisan hacks in the Trump administration, but for sheer brazen fuckery, no one can hold a candle to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

On Monday, he announced he was canceling an unrelated intelligence briefing for the House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFAC) to punish the committee for investigating the firing of Inspector General Steve Linick, who had been looking into eleventy-seven Pompeo scandals. Also on Monday, Pompeo's staff was ordered to expedite a records search for information on the origins of the Russia investigation to meet Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson's deadline to dump oppo on Biden and the Russia "hoax." The House Foreign Affairs Committee, chaired by Democrat Eliot Engel, has issued a subpoena for the very same documents, but Pompeo told him to pound sand.

Cool, cool.

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WTF Is Happening In Belarus? Well, It's VERY TRUMPY.

Authoritarian shitbags are authoritarian shitbags.

Belarus had a big election Sunday. Or should we say "election," because Belarus, which some call Europe's last dictatorship — at least until Trump/Putin buddy Viktor Orban finishes destroying Hungary — does not have real elections. The same guy, a rightwing authoritarian populist named Alexander Lukashenko, has been president since 1994, and he doesn't plan to stop being that now. So, like authoritarian dictators do, he rigged the election.

A Loathed Authoritarian President Who Fucked Up His Country's Coronavirus Response And Is Very Thin-Skinned? TELL US MORE!

At this point, it's pretty clear that your average man-on-the-street in Belarus hates Lukashenko, kind of like how everybody in America hates Donald Trump. The gabillions of Belarusians protesting in the streets lately are visual evidence of that.

Vox has a couple other World Almanac-type facts about the political situation in Belarus:

A government-backed poll from April found only a third of Belarusians trusted him — one of the lowest ratings of his rule. While good polling is hard to come by in Belarus, that one made sense: The dictator both minimized and mishandled his nation's coronavirus outbreak, oversaw a collapsing economy, and struggled to keep an encroaching Russia at bay.

With such dismal approval ratings, most experts believe Lukashenko would've lost a free and fair vote. Which is why Lukashenko did everything in his power to make sure Sunday's election was anything but free and fair.

Solid support of a whole third of the country? Total fuckup on coronavirus and the economy? Letting Russia run roughshod? These authoritarians do seem to have certain things in common. Another poll put his popular support more like three percent, which the Washington Post reports turned into some JOKES in Belarus about old "Sasha 3%." Lukashenko did not like those jokes. He sounds pretty thin-skinned, like some people we know.

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Pentagon Officials Say Trump Full Of Sh*t On Beirut Explosion, As Usual

Oh look, Donald Trump just making shit up again, like he does.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump stood in the White House press briefing room and sent "America's deepest sympathies" to Lebanon, after it suffered what "looks like a terrible attack." Wait what? Nobody had said the massive explosion that happened in Beirut yesterday was an "attack."

Journalists, as you might expect, were like wait, the fuck, what? So Trump doubled down, passing off the blame for how he apparently just made some shit up on "great generals" who told him it was probably a bomb. You how Trump always listens to his "great generals." You betcha. They probably had a really good talk yesterday, him and the great generals.

TRUMP: Well it would seem like it, based on the explosion. I met with some of our great generals and they just seem to feel that it was. This was not some kind of a manufacturing explosion type of event. This was a – seems to be, according to them, they would know better than I would – but they seem to think it was an attack. It was a bomb of some kind, yes.

Oh, now it's confirmed! Great! He's not sure, but it seems like it, and the generals think maybe, so yes, definitely, SORRY YOU GOT BOMBED, LEBANON!

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